An author should always aim to engage their audience, make them care about the characters and invest in the worlds those characters inhabit, be they current or future versions of our world or other worlds entirely. A good story relies on forming a connection with the reader that will cause the conflicts expressed in the narrative to mean something.

Story Time will try to take that engagement further, where readers decide how the story will unfold.

The concept of the serial novel is not new. Charles Dickens released Great Expectations as a series of episodes published weekly or monthly in magazines. This allowed him to gauge his reader’s responses before publishing the next chapter of his book. Now, there are any number of serial fiction stories being published on blogs and other websites around the world.

Story Time seeks to foster a collaborative relationship between the author and the reader, where feedback based creation is king. At the end of each episode will be a poll where anyone can vote to determine what should happen next and from time-to-time there’ll be opportunities for readers to suggest plot directions directly.

Story Time hopes to embrace the future. I would like to invite you to help realise the dream.


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